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GTA V Hand Guns

Small, easy to carry, simple to shoot, a sidearm is sometimes your best option… and other times it’s your only option. Here are all the hand gun options available to you in GTA 5:

  • Pistol – Based on a Taurus PT92, the basic Pistol is tried and true.
  • Combat Pistol – Based on a Desert Eagle .50, this upgrade from the basic pistol packs a much bigger punch.
  • AP Pistol – A fully automatic 9mm pistol. Spray down, and stay down.
  • Stun Gun – Technically classified as a “non-lethal weapon” (where’s the fun in that?), it will actually kill someone if you shoot them twice in a row (hooray!).
  • Pistol .50 – basically the same as the Combat Pistol, but anyone with the Special Edition or Collector’s Edition can get it for free.
Trevor with a Combat Pistol in GTA 5

Trevor with a Combat Pistol in GTA 5

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